Wake Up, Woman!

All right, me. I’ve screwed around long enough. I’ve been letting time pass as if it’s free, constantly telling myself “I need to get my stories out. I need to get my stories out.

I haven’t been. I’ve blamed my perpetual mental health crisis. I’ve blamed the limitations of every blog publishing platform, because I want to do a couple of things that none of them do. Shrug. I’ve spent countless hours daydreaming about the future when I’m taken seriously as a storyteller and thinker. I’ve played lots of video games and zoned out with my partners. I’ve done everything except putting words out to the world and telling anyone about it.

This ends. From this point on, the goal is to publish at least one thing a day. More when we feel like it. It doesn’t have to be long. It doesn’t have to be me; anyone else can do it too. I’ll tweak up the site when I’ve already posted things that need new features; I won’t wait to write things until I’ve built the features. And I’ll try to stick to one topic at a time.

SKEET: ha ha haaaa good fuckin luck w that 1

The only way to start is by starting. The only way to build something is to lay the first brick. I came here and put down a concrete slab months ago. It’s time to start making.